Further announcement

Things are getting busy, we have another 2 releases we can announce:

CRB008 will be the debut LP from Rue des Cascades, called “Odes to Love, Flames to Paris”. You can already listen to it here. The gatefold vinyl edition (limited to 200 copies) will be available through us in early Summer.

The album was recorded in two days and consists of two rather long tracks, which range between quiet and distant ambient/post rock sounds and disturbing, loud but yet dramatic outbursts – genrewise maybe to be classified as post-hardcore, maybe sludge, maybe even some “post black metal” or drone. The band’s focus on this release lies in the musical soundscape and the mood it transports – every note and each step to build up a certain tension was given the time and space it needed.


CRB009 is a new member to the family: Debutante delivers you 5 drony fuzzy pop songs on the newest outcome EP3 . Written with great talent, the melodies find their way through the thick dronelayers and noise, subtly and in haunting company of an almost fading voice, singing “about anxiety, depression and crippling, petty envy.”

We will have an ultra-limited version of 15 cassettes in April this year!


that’s it for now – much love
Cruel Bones

CRB007 announcement

We proudly announce our next release:

Iterations : alterations”, by the Lausanne based artist Larkian will be our second vinyl release, and this stuff is so good, we had to press it on 2 (!) LPs! The screenprinted covers and the records (100 copies only!) are now beeing produced, and will face the light of day in the beginning of May this year. We will post further information the time we have it.

Meanwhile, why not take a listen to this blasting gem of drone and ambient guitarwork
and get yourself prepared for the vinyl version?


CRB007 Larkian iterations alterations


More Shows / Distro Update

Hello again!

It’s been out for a while, but we still think this announcement justifies another post:
In cooperation with Burst & Bloom Concerts and Gaswerk Winterthur, we’re proud to present two of Americas finest experimental/noise/heavy acts – FULL OF HELL (Profound Lore, A389) and THE BODY (Thrill Jockey) will present their new collaboration One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache.

Date: 21.04.2016

Also, we have some new items for sale, check our Distro section.
One record we want to specifically point you to is the second full length Morning Sun by Birningham’s finest screamo/emo trio HUMAN HANDS, released by the two fantastic labels Time As A Color and strictly no capital letters.


New Year Update

So… Our first year as a label is over. It was a good one.
We did six physical releases, set up eight shows and of course earned millions of Swiss Francs (which we’re going to store on a barely legal bank account on Fiji Islands).

We’re of course having some plans for 2016. We can’t tell too much yet, but a new EP by Zürich based one man drone pop project DEBUTANTE will be one of our next releases.

We will of course also continue to set up nice shows. Two shows have already been confirmed:
31.01.2016: Frana (DE), Buzz Rodeo (DE) – Klubi, Zürich

16.02.2016: Nadja (CAN/DE), ZAYK (CH) – Klubi, Zürich

See you soon!

Cruel Bones

Weihnachtsaktion / Christmas Sale



Kauf drei Platten, bezahl nur zwei!
Du weisst nicht, wie du deinen 13. Monatslohn verscherbeln sollst? Oder du willst deiner Cousine, deinem Pöstler und deiner Katze je eine Platte zu Weihnachten schenken, hast aber nur Geld für zwei? Wir haben die Lösung: Ganze 24 Tage lang bekommst du bei uns drei Platten, bezahlst aber nur zwei!
Und so funktioniert’s: Bestelle wie üblich per Mail an cruelbones@immerda.ch. Dabei erhältst du ab einer Bestellung von drei 12″-Platten die günstigste davon gratis.
Die Aktion läuft vom 01.12.2015 bis zum 24.12.2015

Unser Sortiment findest du hier: cruelbones.wordpress.com/distro

Euphrasia – Demo


After beeing a digital-only release for over 2 years, we have recently worked on
bringing the Demo of Euphrasia to it’s physical version. Together with Negation Records this finally was made possible.

The release comes as a goblin green cassette with a 2-sided inlay (image art are photos of a friend) featuring lyrics and descriptions. Side B holds an experimental guitar jam track, only recorded for this cassette. You can purchase the cassette in our store, as well at the store of Negation Records, and also on the Bandcamp page of Euphrasia.
For fans of Alcest, Deafheaven, Heretoir…

Review: https://blackcloudmagazin.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/euphrasia-demo-2013/


Zwischenwelt – let’s just walk on fields of flowers OUT NOW!

Not much time has passed since the last release of one-man ambient/drone project Zwischenwelt. CRB004 was a collaboration with the project Howl, released as a beautiful handmade cassette on 29th of March.

Now here comes CRB005!
“let’s just walk on fields of flowers” is again a cassette release, limited to 27 copies.
From the recording process to the overdubbing and manufacturing of the cassettes and inlays, everything was made by D. alone. You can’t have more DIY in one release!
The 2 sites of the cassette reach for a political dimension, in terms of musical composition as well as in the general topic:
Side A describes the daily struggle for survival of the exploited masses, the horror in the regions destroyed during imperialist wars and the inexplicable suffering of thousands of animals trapped in slaughterhouses and vivisection laboratories.
Side B tries to wrest itself from the disillusioning reality given us by capitalism; tries to resist accepting the unbearable and therefore shows a perspective towards a pacified society, free from exploitation and oppression.

Listen here: https://zwischenwelt.bandcamp.com/album/lets-just-walk-on-fields-of-flowers

This release is now listed in our onlineshop and we will have copies with us at our concerts.

DSC_0065 DSC_0030 DSC_0059

Coming up

In the next few weeks, we will have some very interesting artists and bands visiting us:

On 21th of May, we will have an evening of experimental drone & electronics, with denovali record’s
Ricardo Donoso (Rio de Janeiro, BRA) and a local support from STEINER (Basel, CH).
Find out more about this here.

Just one day after this, 22.05, Belgium’s sludge & post-metal heavyweights Amenra bring us their haunting, gloomy
atmosphere; but in a special acoustic set. The line up is completed with Labirinto from Brazil, playing some
very heavy and experimental, drony post-rock, and Canada’s thisquietarmy – known for dozens of releases and collaborative works in the realm of drone music.
If you don’t want to miss this unique evening as well, read more about it here.

And already confirmed for the 18th of June:
Aidan Baker – mostly known from the drone metal project Nadja – will deliver us some of his experimental solo-works,
played in a trio with members of Caudal and Bee&Flower. He is traveling with the solo-project Idklang, who will
support this show.
Sounds great? Click here!

On all events, we will be there with our distro box! We have some very nice records from good bands & labels,
as well as all of our own label releases from Rue des Cascades, Swamp Flower Rhyme, Euphrasia and Zwischenwelt!
(Maybe even with the newest release from Zwischenwelt, currently in the making!)
So come say Hello, have a beer with us, enjoy the shows!

thank you | Cruel Bones

Zwischenwelt / Howl – Split Cassette

CRB004! The experimental urge of creating something outside the parameters of the established understanding of music has driven the two persons behind the projects Howl & Zwischenwelt to an obscure, ritualistic and haunting collaboration, that took place inside a cavern – together with dozens of acoustic instruments. The result feels like beeing sucked into an old, dark and moisty cavern. And though there’s an overall sinister feeling to the 2 sides, there are as well sparkling moments of soothing melodies – as if there was a tiny shimmer of light coming through the cavern.

Listen here: http://howldrone.bandcamp.com/ or here http://zwischenwelt.bandcamp.com/

Selfrecorded cassette, that comes in a hand-sewn, silver screenprinted bag together with a screenprinted inlay. Handnumbered and limited to 50 cassettes.

Review: http://raisedbygypsies.blogspot.ch/2015/06/cassette-review-howl-zwischenwelt.html

P1070656 P1070644 P1070652

Syrgðr Skógr / Euphrasia – Split CD

Here comes CRB003:

Syrgðr Skógr, from northern Germany, plays a great blend of Doom and Black Metal, that let’s you feel like you are beeing dragged into an old, dark fir forest and left alone there with the noise and silence.
He just lately joined Cruel Bones and we are looking forward to future releases.
The newest full length “Karg” is available in our distro as well – at our shows and soon in our online shop.

Euphrasia, from Switzerland, plays some sort of Black Metal that seeks it’s meaning in atmosphere.
By adding parts of diverse musical genres like Ambient and Post-Rock, he tries to capture the feeling of beeing lost in this fucked up society we live in, but always remembers the possibility of a mutually way out.

1. Euphrasia – Leere Hände
2. Euphrasia – Friður
3. Syrgðr Skógr – Ein Wimpernschlag

Comes in a hand printed envelope, sealed with purple wax and hand numbered.
Both artists have their own edition with a different artwork!
Listen here: https://euphrasia.bandcamp.com/album/split-with-syrg-r-sk-gr
You can order it either on Bandcamp, or by sending us a mail.

splitcd DSC_9292 splitcd splitcd