CRB017 – preorder ready

Coming 25.08.2017


Woeful Silence and Euphrasia, soloprojects by members of Forlet Sires and Rue des Cascades, team up for a split release.
After a long time of planning and adjusting, it will finally be released on August 25th, 2017, available as a very limited tape edition (50 pieces), as well as digital download. The artwork and layout was arranged by D. Brumana, man behind Woeful Silence. The front cover shows a beautiful old screen print of a mine in the Swiss alps.

Both projects continue their musical paths from earlier releases: while Woeful Silence clearly pursues a more traditional approach to the atmospheric kind of black metal, the songs of Euphrasia dig even deeper into nearby subgenres, such as Drone and Doom. Despite the differences in songwriting, the music of both projects often complements each other and results in a thoroughly coherent split EP.


Listen here:

CRB016 – preorder up now

The releases just keep coming this Summer, we announce another limited cassette:


Aleph/Twin by THOMAS GRENZEBACH features the composer’s two EPs, that have been released both this year. It is a 60-minute, transparent cassette limited to 30 copies.
Release date: 06 August 2017

THOMAS GRENZEBACH has made his online debut just the beginning of this year.
The artist, living near Zurich, has uploaded his first EP “Aleph” on Bandcamp quietly, without hesitation. His unpersonal approach, leaving lots of information about himself unclear, and the solid compositions, that have added another brick to the very small wall of existing Swiss experimental music, are the things that left us curious.

April saw the sequel of his work, with the EP “Twin”. The musical development brings forth the adding of subtle beats and an overall intensivied focus on experimental composition, rather then pure drone/ambient soundscapes.


Side A – Aleph

1. Flux 08:43
2. ghost8 02:24
3. Otu 05:53
4. Desert Empire 10:19

Side B – Twin

1. Volt 05:14
2. Alternative Fact 04:11
3. ghost12 05:32
4. Sphere/Dissappointer 17:37



We proudly announce our next release:
TRISTAN DA CUNHA is a post rock/slowcore duo from Pavia, Italy formed by Francesco Vara and Luca Scotti on August 2016. Francesco releases music with his drone/ambient project ALTAJ as well. Luca Scotti is the current drummer of the kraut/free jazz ensemble INTERSTELLAR EXPERIENCE.

Tristan da Cunha is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, one of the remotest inhabitated islands of the world. Every song of the EP is inspired by the suggestions of this island. On “Soçobrar”, using only guitar and drums, the two musicians manage to build huge atmospheres out of almost nothing. From mellow and fragile, almost reluctant interludes, they play their way to harsh, repetitive loudness – steadily incorporating harmonies into their composition.
The EP was produced, recorded and mixed by Paolo Monti, man behind Italian
drone/ambient project THE STAR PILLOW.


CRB015 TRISTAN DA CUNHA – SOÇOBRAR (MC) / Release date: 25 July 2017
limited edition of 50 copies, white cassettes in white folded cardboard case


1. Pico da Rainha (05:22)
2. Ilha Inacessível (08:09)
3. The Settlement (09:54)
4. Campo de Fogo (06:50)

Full stream and review from The New Noise:




We are proud to release the preorder for one of our upcoming releases:

Split 12″ / 180g black vinyl / limited to 100 copies
Artwork with photographs by a death cinematic
Aeronaut tracks mastered by James Plotkin
Swamp Flower Rhyme track mastered by Role/Die Tonmeisterei


Both sides of the 12″ include banjo, the traditional instrument that has it’s roots in the American Folk music history. The photograph on the album cover was made by A Death Cinematic and shows a run-down house from the rust belt. Both these facts try to build the slight historical and critical approach of the release, trying to reflect on social, economical and political conditions that once existed and therefore, how they might have had an impact on the current situation of world-wide crisis.






Spring 2017

We were busy with some things the first few months of 2017 and we
start to announce some of them:

Next show: 17.05.2017 – Daimon (IT), Thomas Grenzebach (CH) – Helsinkiklub Zürich

We are looking forward to set up this experimental show at a new place and see what happens. There will be visuals, a first-ever performance and cold beer.

Next releases: CRB014, CRB015, CRB016 and even CRB017 are currently beeing worked on. Expect some more information soon. Thanks.


CRB012 is out today!


“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun—for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax—This won’t hurt.”

“Power to the Sheeple”, debut LP of Swiss noise pop duo Perverts in White Shirts is out today. First words about the album have been shared by Archaic Triad and Bleak Bliss.

The LP as shown above is limited to 300 copies and can be purchased here.

Listen to the album on the official bandcamp page of the band.

thanks for taking time
much love / Cruel Bones