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CRB012 is out today!


“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun—for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax—This won’t hurt.”

“Power to the Sheeple”, debut LP of Swiss noise pop duo Perverts in White Shirts is out today. First words about the album have been shared by Archaic Triad and Bleak Bliss.

The LP as shown above is limited to 300 copies and can be purchased here.

Listen to the album on the official bandcamp page of the band.

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February 20 – CRB012 Official Release

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“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun—for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax—This won’t hurt.”

On February 20, 12 years ago, Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide, leaving his body of work and those few last words behind.

On February 20, 108 years ago, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published “The Futurist Manifesto” – capturing the mindset of an era blindly believing in industrial development to bring peace and wealth to everybody. It has instead brought horrible destruction and suffering.

February 20, 2017
perverts in white shirts / power to the sheeple / CRB012 official release date.



So this is our final post for this year, we are looking forward to what the coming 365 days have ready for us. There are already a couple of releases and collaborations planned that are going to be awesome. You will hear some new stuff from Euphrasia, Zwischenwelt and Swamp Flower Rhyme and hopefully many more.

One release we are really happy with is already up for preordering, the debut LP of perverts in white shirts:…/perverts-in-white-shirts-po…

There are as well a few shows we will probably do, keep your eyes open.
We’re not expecting 2017 to be easier for small labels like us, but it was never about making big money. It is about dedication and passion, giving experimental and non-mainstream musicians a chance to spread their work and words. All of it would never be possible without the ongoing support from the people around us; thanks to all of you who have helped us with setting up shows, doing artwork and taking pictures, telling others about our work, buying records or just having a conversation with us. It is deeply cherished.


For closing this post, we would like to share our own favourite records of this year with you: Matthias really loved Body Sculpture’s debut “A Body turns to Eden”, released on posh isolation. Dave nominates the new Ulver soundtrack to Justin Oakey’s “Riverhead” – released on House of Mythology – as his favourite record of the year. All great bands and even greater labels to check out.

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CRB012: Perverts in White Shirts – Power to the Sheeple PREORDER

As announced last September, here is CRB012:


“Power to the Sheeple” brings some experimental diversity to our small label:

when an institution in noise music like Dave Phillips (of the early troublemakers Fear of God and the Schimpfluch Kollektiv) asks you to help release the vinyl of a sideproject, that has been long in the making, well – what do you say?

The album captures songs that were crafted by Nathalie Dreier & Dave Phillips in the past 5 years. As “perverts in white shirts”, they work with various genre elements and create something that could be described as “noise pop”. Jarboe-like voices and hidden references on historical situations crawl through these 8 songs, blend together with chaotic noise and hunt down the peace, that society tries to make us believe.

This record – indeed – is a tough one.

Listen and download the album for free here.


We’ll have the vinyl (white / 180g / 300 copies) available by the end of January 2017, you can preorder it here.

(Yes, the album cover is a tribute)

CRB013: Glorious Home – “Giving”

ghheaderWe are very happy to announce one of our upcoming releases!
There were a lot of things going on with the next three (011/012/013) and somehow 013 made it first, nevermind.

Glorious Home, the band that played together with Death Engine at our first Cruel Bones show some one and a half years ago, has put together those 4 songs of raging, filthy, in-your-face sludge, that bears the harshness of old school black metal and leaves you lying in the dirt.
Together with Meta Matter Records we are proud to release “Giving” as a smokey-grey 12″ coming with a beautiful screenprinted cover done by the band.
This thing is limited to 200 copies and will be released on 30.12.2016.

Trvefrykt Magazin shares a preview & stream of the EP, calling it “a mix of CELTIC FROST and DOPETHRONE” Read the full preview here:
Glorious Home – Giving 12″ EP [Preview + Stream]

Listen & download here:



more info on CRB011 and CRB012 are coming soon.
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CRB010: Forlet Sires – “Journey Towards Ruin”



Journey Towards Ruin is out now and available in our webshop!

Buy 12″ LP:
Buy CD:


Forlet Sires have just shared one of the overall six tracks from their upcoming debut LP
“Journey Towards Ruin”.

The record shows an enormous amount of creativity and the will to push boundaries, while crafting a unique form of atmospheric Black Metal.
It will face the light of day on the 7th of October this year and we are going to celebrate this with an awesome release show!

Forlet Sires announce tour this fall!

In support of their debut LP (more about that soon), Forlet Sires are hitting the road
this fall, together with Thou Shell of Death!

Go see them if they’re playing somewhere nearby!

07.10. Gaswerk – Winterthur CH (Dordeduh // Forlet Sires // Thou Shell of Death)
08.10. Neudegg Alm – Abtenau AUT (with Dordeduh)
09.10. Klub Famu – Prague CZ
11.10. Schicksaal Tommyhaus – Berlin D (Thou Shell of Death // Forlet Sires)
12.10. TBA


Larkian – Iterations : Alterations – Preorder

…is here!

This stunning new record by Lausanne’s Larkian comes on 2×12″ vinyl with a screenprinted cover artwork and consists of four tracks. The creating process becomes concept here, as the album title implies: Shimmery guitar layers repeat themselves infinitely until completely washed out while subtle variations dominate the structure of those slow crescendos and create a very unique atmosphere – sometimes calmness, sometimes chaos.

We’ll ship all preorders out on the 9th of May. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email (cruelbones at if you want to order but don’t have a paypal account.

Full album stream: