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We are happy to share two new releases with you

CRB024 · Joel Gilardini “Theories for an Earthquake”
Limited to 30 copies, free digital download

This is a live set by composer Joel Gilardini (Mulo Muto, Land of the Snow) performed at White Pulse Madness #1 on 9. March 2019. It took a while, but now it’s here.
Artwork created by Tassia Batista, thank you so much.



CRB025 · Purpura/Zwischenwelt “Split”

Split release by Swiss experimental/noise artists PURPURA and ZWISCHENWELT. Artwork done by A. from PURPURA.

Digital only for now, cassette will follow once this storm is over.



“First the fuel was in the ground, still and unstirred; then someone came to the scene and, eyeing profit and power, commenced its exploitation. In this regard, the lithograph provides an Urbild of the fossil economy. It is, if you will, a picture of the Fall. The uncountable repetitions of the same act over the past two centuries form the defeated time now pouring down from the sky.”

The Progress of this Storm, Andreas Malm, Verso 2018″

white cassettes with b/w printed label

1. Kuti 2. Cerro Rico 3. Dogm 4. Anti

1. Primitive Accumulation 2. A Warming World 3. Stagnation/Despair





Forlet Sires – Holy

Confronted with the complex beauty of “Holy”, it is no surprise to find oneself
left behind in disorientation and confusion.
Forlet Sires continue their explorations of uneasy, heavy music – making classification in genre terms rather complicated. The four songs on this album create this elusive net of insecurity – you thought you knew where it’s heading, but that is false. This is the band in yet unreached heights in songwriting and creating atmosphere.
You can clearly see the urge and unique will of finding their own way in today’s field of heavy music – the surpassing of barriers is what you witness while following the band into their sonic abyss.

Holy is out now. LP Orders go through the band’s bandcamp page.


Coming up

“I no longer limit myself.” – Karlheinz Stockhausen

We invite you to another round of shows this spring.
A couple of new releases are in the making as well, so be prepared.

titelbild 14 märz



Cruel Bones ÷ Noisefest



We are proud to welcome local and international artists to an extraordinary evening down in the cave.

Svartvit (NL)

Hailing from the Netherlands, Kevin Jansen has been crafting intense harsh noise for over ten years now. Not his first time in Zurich, as he already played early Umbo a few years ago at an edition of atonal_zurich, now defunct event series organized by Dave Phillips.

Dave Phillips (CH)

One of the early pioneers in the wide field of noise music from Switzerland. Part of the international known “Schimpfluch Gruppe” and now living in Berlin, it’s a pleasure for us to welcome him back in the city he helped shape with his music and consistent events of experimental culture.

Noijzu (CH)

Representing the capital city of this country, the still young project of Luis Sanz and Urs Heer has already played a variety of experimental places and events, including the December series of Everest Records. Always re-inventing their live sets from show to show, they are able to surprise with every performance.


Surmounting the infamous “Röstigraben”, we’ll have the French part of Switzerland represented by Andrea Nucamendi. She has been active for a few years now and just toured China and Japan with her blend of harsh noise and industrial.

Mulo Muto (CH)

Joel Gilardini and Attila Folklor in their collaborative effort of combining harsh soundscapes with – at times – really soothing drone/ambient passages. Both active in countless other projects (most known for INSOMNIA ISTERICA /// L’è Tütt Folklor Records DIY) and therefore well trained in sound experiments.


Uhuruku and Nitrate Es each contribute their talents to the evening by adding experimental soundscapes and bypass the shows on stage.


This thing here celebrates four years of existence now.
We just keep on with doing things we like, so here is some upcoming stuff:

The limited edition of the new Zwischenwelt release is finished and ready for purchasing. Handmade o-card on thick paper, coming with an inlay that gathers thoughts and positions on the subject of the record. 20 copies in white paper, 20 copies in red paper.


We have a few shows ready for the next few months. Besides our events at the most famous cave in Zurich – UMBO – there will be some new stuff going on in Winterthur as well. Keep your eyes open for that. We are definitely psyched for our upcoming Noisefest in February. Be there.

17.01.2019: Forlet Sires (wntrthr), Holzerhurd (zrch), UMBO Zurich
28.01.2019: The Star Pillow (IT), Jon Collin (UK) – Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
16.02.2019: NOISEFEST / with Svartvit, Dave Phillips, Noijzu + others, UMBO Zurich

Cruel Bones