15895703_885297571606939_2514523007352442546_oForlet Sires – formed in late 2013 by drummer Daniele Brumana, singer Kilian Schmid, and guitarist Thomas Hofstetter. At first, the intention was to form a solely atmospheric black metal based project. However, with the joining of Tobias Kalt, this idea had to give way for a new approach on the genre without any boundaries, while keeping a grief aspect in every tone. Today, the band draws influences from various musical styles to create haunting, yet heavy tunes, with a blend of Post Metal, Doom, and Black Metal.


Syrgðr Skógr – from northern Germany, plays a great blend of Doom and Black Metal, that lets you feel like you are beeing dragged into an old, dark fir forest and left alone there with the noise and silence.


Rue des Cascades – founded in 2010 in Winterthur, Switzerland. While the musical roots, as well as the mindset, clearly include heavy influences of the DIY/hardcore-punk scene, one significant aim of the band lies in not repeating what’s already been done.


Larkian – Cyril Monnard, a Lausanne based guitarist that uses his instrument as a sound generator to develop, with the help of real-time loop-samplers and diverse effect processors, its musical universe, a world made of deep, powerful and intense soundscapes, which oscillate between the pain and the feverish accent of a not completely extinct madness.


Swamp Flower Rhyme – started as a sideproject by Tobias Kalt, guitarist of Black Metal outfit Forlet Sires, this project implements pieces of folk music into a realm of drone, ambient and field recordings.


Howl – another project by Tobias Kalt. As a complete soloproject, he searches for sound in the wide fields of rhythm-based drone music, that sometimes has a slight touch of Industrial.


Debutante – is Chris, is drone pop, is loud, is abrasive, is way too fucking emotional.
You may (or may not) define this as electro-pop/punk elements with a feeling of industrialised 80s pop.

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Zwischenwelt – exploring experimental fields like drone, dark/ritual ambient and noise. The project as well serves the connection of critical political and cultural issues.


Euphrasia – plays Black Metal that seeks it’s meaning in atmosphere. By adding parts of diverse musical genres like Ambient and Post-Rock, he tries to capture the feeling of beeing lost in this fucked up society we live in, but always remembers the possibility of a mutually way out.


Glorious Home – is a sludge/doom/death trio commited to crafting devotional sound and carrying on a DIY ethic. Started back in 2013.


Perverts in White Shirts – Nathalie Dreier & Dave Phillips crafting audio-visual madness since 2011. They work with various genre elements and create something that could be described as “noise pop”.


Thomas Grenzebach – After contributing to various bands and projects through the years, Thomas Grenzebach started releasing solo-material at the beginning of 2017. Aleph EP and its follow up Twin EP deal with mass hysteria and the de-individuation
in our society. This resulted in two EPs that range from intricately composed minimalistic ambient sounds to heavily distorted drone.

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Tristan da Cunha – Tristan da Cunha is a post rock/slowcore duo from Pavia, Italy formed by Francesco Vara and Luca Scotti on August 2016.


Aeronaut is Zürich-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Fors solo project. Working primarily with a palette of sounds generated with cello, electric guitar, trombone, electronics, and voice, Aeronaut crafts lush, immersive soundscapes. Having released five albums in various projects, Fors pulls from drone/ambient, noise, and new classical genres. He plays a sort of maximal minimalism—with an end goal to overwhelm listeners with an experience of monolithic beauty and sonic devastation.