Cruel Bones is a small label based in Zürich, Switzerland. We distribute records and organize shows of bands we play in, are friends with or just find worth supporting.

After a few years of beeing involved in the so-called „subculture“, the urge to contribute to this culture and to the realm of experimental music became strong and clear. In 2015, we started using the name Cruel Bones to label our efforts in distributing and setting up things in this sphere.

As for the shape of what we do, we don’t want to limit ourselves to one certain genre – as if there weren’t already thousands of distros and bookers around doing exactly that. We’re doing pretty much everything we like.
When it comes to understanding of art and music, we try to take a stand and refuse to take part in categorizing, instrumentalizating and defusing art in the name of profit and the preservation of the current state. We also try to focus on artists and projects that force us to re-think our understanding of music itself and are only willing to work with people who have a similar mindset about the importance and meaning of what some call ‘art’ as we do.
There are few places and projects in our area where bands and artist that don’t fit in the various genre scenes find support in and are able to create music and art in the way they want to. With the ongoing political development of making our cities and our lives more exploitable for capital and it’s profiteers, these things are endangered even more.
Cruel Bones is our attempt to work against this mess.