This thing here celebrates four years of existence now.
We just keep on with doing things we like, so here is some upcoming stuff:

The limited edition of the new Zwischenwelt release is finished and ready for purchasing. Handmade o-card on thick paper, coming with an inlay that gathers thoughts and positions on the subject of the record. 20 copies in white paper, 20 copies in red paper.


We have a few shows ready for the next few months. Besides our events at the most famous cave in Zurich – UMBO – there will be some new stuff going on in Winterthur as well. Keep your eyes open for that. We are definitely psyched for our upcoming Noisefest in February. Be there.

17.01.2019: Forlet Sires (wntrthr), Holzerhurd (zrch), UMBO Zurich
28.01.2019: The Star Pillow (IT), Jon Collin (UK) – Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
16.02.2019: NOISEFEST / with Svartvit, Dave Phillips, Noijzu + others, UMBO Zurich

Cruel Bones