CRB017 – preorder ready

Coming 25.08.2017


Woeful Silence and Euphrasia, soloprojects by members of Forlet Sires and Rue des Cascades, team up for a split release.
After a long time of planning and adjusting, it will finally be released on August 25th, 2017, available as a very limited tape edition (50 pieces), as well as digital download. The artwork and layout was arranged by D. Brumana, man behind Woeful Silence. The front cover shows a beautiful old screen print of a mine in the Swiss alps.

Both projects continue their musical paths from earlier releases: while Woeful Silence clearly pursues a more traditional approach to the atmospheric kind of black metal, the songs of Euphrasia dig even deeper into nearby subgenres, such as Drone and Doom. Despite the differences in songwriting, the music of both projects often complements each other and results in a thoroughly coherent split EP.


Listen here: