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The releases just keep coming this Summer, we announce another limited cassette:


Aleph/Twin by THOMAS GRENZEBACH features the composer’s two EPs, that have been released both this year. It is a 60-minute, transparent cassette limited to 30 copies.
Release date: 06 August 2017

THOMAS GRENZEBACH has made his online debut just the beginning of this year.
The artist, living near Zurich, has uploaded his first EP “Aleph” on Bandcamp quietly, without hesitation. His unpersonal approach, leaving lots of information about himself unclear, and the solid compositions, that have added another brick to the very small wall of existing Swiss experimental music, are the things that left us curious.

April saw the sequel of his work, with the EP “Twin”. The musical development brings forth the adding of subtle beats and an overall intensivied focus on experimental composition, rather then pure drone/ambient soundscapes.


Side A – Aleph

1. Flux 08:43
2. ghost8 02:24
3. Otu 05:53
4. Desert Empire 10:19

Side B – Twin

1. Volt 05:14
2. Alternative Fact 04:11
3. ghost12 05:32
4. Sphere/Dissappointer 17:37