We proudly announce our next release:
TRISTAN DA CUNHA is a post rock/slowcore duo from Pavia, Italy formed by Francesco Vara and Luca Scotti on August 2016. Francesco releases music with his drone/ambient project ALTAJ as well. Luca Scotti is the current drummer of the kraut/free jazz ensemble INTERSTELLAR EXPERIENCE.

Tristan da Cunha is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, one of the remotest inhabitated islands of the world. Every song of the EP is inspired by the suggestions of this island. On “Soçobrar”, using only guitar and drums, the two musicians manage to build huge atmospheres out of almost nothing. From mellow and fragile, almost reluctant interludes, they play their way to harsh, repetitive loudness – steadily incorporating harmonies into their composition.
The EP was produced, recorded and mixed by Paolo Monti, man behind Italian
drone/ambient project THE STAR PILLOW.


CRB015 TRISTAN DA CUNHA – SOÇOBRAR (MC) / Release date: 25 July 2017
limited edition of 50 copies, white cassettes in white folded cardboard case


1. Pico da Rainha (05:22)
2. Ilha Inacessível (08:09)
3. The Settlement (09:54)
4. Campo de Fogo (06:50)

Full stream and review from The New Noise: