So this is our final post for this year, we are looking forward to what the coming 365 days have ready for us. There are already a couple of releases and collaborations planned that are going to be awesome. You will hear some new stuff from Euphrasia, Zwischenwelt and Swamp Flower Rhyme and hopefully many more.

One release we are really happy with is already up for preordering, the debut LP of perverts in white shirts:…/perverts-in-white-shirts-po…

There are as well a few shows we will probably do, keep your eyes open.
We’re not expecting 2017 to be easier for small labels like us, but it was never about making big money. It is about dedication and passion, giving experimental and non-mainstream musicians a chance to spread their work and words. All of it would never be possible without the ongoing support from the people around us; thanks to all of you who have helped us with setting up shows, doing artwork and taking pictures, telling others about our work, buying records or just having a conversation with us. It is deeply cherished.


For closing this post, we would like to share our own favourite records of this year with you: Matthias really loved Body Sculpture’s debut “A Body turns to Eden”, released on posh isolation. Dave nominates the new Ulver soundtrack to Justin Oakey’s “Riverhead” – released on House of Mythology – as his favourite record of the year. All great bands and even greater labels to check out.

that’s it, thanks for your support.
much love
Cruel Bones