CRB013: Glorious Home – “Giving”

ghheaderWe are very happy to announce one of our upcoming releases!
There were a lot of things going on with the next three (011/012/013) and somehow 013 made it first, nevermind.

Glorious Home, the band that played together with Death Engine at our first Cruel Bones show some one and a half years ago, has put together those 4 songs of raging, filthy, in-your-face sludge, that bears the harshness of old school black metal and leaves you lying in the dirt.
Together with Meta Matter Records we are proud to release “Giving” as a smokey-grey 12″ coming with a beautiful screenprinted cover done by the band.
This thing is limited to 200 copies and will be released on 30.12.2016.

Trvefrykt Magazin shares a preview & stream of the EP, calling it “a mix of CELTIC FROST and DOPETHRONE” Read the full preview here:
Glorious Home – Giving 12″ EP [Preview + Stream]

Listen & download here:



more info on CRB011 and CRB012 are coming soon.
take care & much love
Cruel Bones