Further announcement

Things are getting busy, we have another 2 releases we can announce:

CRB008 will be the debut LP from Rue des Cascades, called “Odes to Love, Flames to Paris”. You can already listen to it here. The gatefold vinyl edition (limited to 200 copies) will be available through us in early Summer.

The album was recorded in two days and consists of two rather long tracks, which range between quiet and distant ambient/post rock sounds and disturbing, loud but yet dramatic outbursts – genrewise maybe to be classified as post-hardcore, maybe sludge, maybe even some “post black metal” or drone. The band’s focus on this release lies in the musical soundscape and the mood it transports – every note and each step to build up a certain tension was given the time and space it needed.


CRB009 is a new member to the family: Debutante delivers you 5 drony fuzzy pop songs on the newest outcome EP3 . Written with great talent, the melodies find their way through the thick dronelayers and noise, subtly and in haunting company of an almost fading voice, singing “about anxiety, depression and crippling, petty envy.”

We will have an ultra-limited version of 15 cassettes in April this year!


that’s it for now – much love
Cruel Bones