Zwischenwelt – let’s just walk on fields of flowers OUT NOW!

Not much time has passed since the last release of one-man ambient/drone project Zwischenwelt. CRB004 was a collaboration with the project Howl, released as a beautiful handmade cassette on 29th of March.

Now here comes CRB005!
“let’s just walk on fields of flowers” is again a cassette release, limited to 27 copies.
From the recording process to the overdubbing and manufacturing of the cassettes and inlays, everything was made by D. alone. You can’t have more DIY in one release!
The 2 sites of the cassette reach for a political dimension, in terms of musical composition as well as in the general topic:
Side A describes the daily struggle for survival of the exploited masses, the horror in the regions destroyed during imperialist wars and the inexplicable suffering of thousands of animals trapped in slaughterhouses and vivisection laboratories.
Side B tries to wrest itself from the disillusioning reality given us by capitalism; tries to resist accepting the unbearable and therefore shows a perspective towards a pacified society, free from exploitation and oppression.

Listen here:

This release is now listed in our onlineshop and we will have copies with us at our concerts.

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