Zwischenwelt / Howl – Split Cassette

CRB004! The experimental urge of creating something outside the parameters of the established understanding of music has driven the two persons behind the projects Howl & Zwischenwelt to an obscure, ritualistic and haunting collaboration, that took place inside a cavern – together with dozens of acoustic instruments. The result feels like beeing sucked into an old, dark and moisty cavern. And though there’s an overall sinister feeling to the 2 sides, there are as well sparkling moments of soothing melodies – as if there was a tiny shimmer of light coming through the cavern.

Listen here: or here

Selfrecorded cassette, that comes in a hand-sewn, silver screenprinted bag together with a screenprinted inlay. Handnumbered and limited to 50 cassettes.


P1070656 P1070644 P1070652