Syrgðr Skógr / Euphrasia – Split CD

Here comes CRB003:

Syrgðr Skógr, from northern Germany, plays a great blend of Doom and Black Metal, that let’s you feel like you are beeing dragged into an old, dark fir forest and left alone there with the noise and silence.
He just lately joined Cruel Bones and we are looking forward to future releases.
The newest full length “Karg” is available in our distro as well – at our shows and soon in our online shop.

Euphrasia, from Switzerland, plays some sort of Black Metal that seeks it’s meaning in atmosphere.
By adding parts of diverse musical genres like Ambient and Post-Rock, he tries to capture the feeling of beeing lost in this fucked up society we live in, but always remembers the possibility of a mutually way out.

1. Euphrasia – Leere Hände
2. Euphrasia – Friður
3. Syrgðr Skógr – Ein Wimpernschlag

Comes in a hand printed envelope, sealed with purple wax and hand numbered.
Both artists have their own edition with a different artwork!
Listen here:
You can order it either on Bandcamp, or by sending us a mail.

splitcd DSC_9292 splitcd splitcd