Swamp Flower Rhyme – Heaven

We are proud to announce our second Cruel Bones release:

Swamp Flower Rhyme is a drone/ambient/folk project of K. (also involved in the bands Howl and Forlet Sires).
On Heaven, the combination of precisely played drones, tape loops, synthesizer and uplifting banjo is beeing unfold as
2 songs with a playing time of over 40 minutes. Great arrangements, beautiful soundscapes!

Listen here: http://swampflowerrhyme.bandcamp.com/album/heaven
For more information about the projects of K. visit: http://ofagrinningbear.blogspot.ch/

The physical version of this release comes as a blank CD, layed inside a selfmade envelope out of strong dark-green paper.
A screenprinted, hand-sewn bag – where the envelope is inside – makes this release even more beautiful.
Everything was made by K. himself.

sfrheaven1 sfrheaven2 sfrheaven3 sfrheaven4 sfrheaven5

We will have copies of this at our shows, but as soon as we have installed our online shop,
you can also order it there.