This thing here celebrates four years of existence now.
We just keep on with doing things we like, so here is some upcoming stuff:

The limited edition of the new Zwischenwelt release is finished and ready for purchasing. Handmade o-card on thick paper, coming with an inlay that gathers thoughts and positions on the subject of the record. 20 copies in white paper, 20 copies in red paper.


We have a few shows ready for the next few months. Besides our events at the most famous cave in Zurich – UMBO – there will be some new stuff going on in Winterthur as well. Keep your eyes open for that. We are definitely psyched for our upcoming Noisefest in February. Be there.

17.01.2019: Forlet Sires (wntrthr), Holzerhurd (zrch), UMBO Zurich
28.01.2019: The Star Pillow (IT), Jon Collin (UK) – Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
16.02.2019: NOISEFEST / with Svartvit, Dave Phillips, Noijzu + others, UMBO Zurich

Cruel Bones



A Split EP between Leeds-based noise/post-punk artist Feral and Zurich-based Drone Pop artist Debutante, containing three noisy tracks about gender dysphoria. Blending glitch, slowcore and post-punk elements with moaned and damaged vocals,
the EP goes from feelings of uncertain melancholy to raw anger and back and has been compared to Coil, Giles Corey or Ben Frost.
“It will turn a healthy person into one with black bagged eyes and a pale unhealthy skin;
perfect for if that is the look and feel that you wanted to go for!” – Yeah I Know it Sucks


Soldat Hans – Es taut

‘A feeling of aimless floating above existence, watching as the Earth seemingly explodes below. I can feel the essence of destruction, but am lost in the vibrant colors and effluence of glorious energy. I am consciously separate, stuck in a cocoon of warmth and safety.’ – Invisible Oranges


Letterpressing on thick black paper (done at Druckerei Nicolussi),
handnumbered, printed transparent cassettes

Songs and lyrics by Soldat Hans
Recorded, produced and mixed by Philip Harrison
for Chucky! Music Productions at Bau2 Studios in Winterthur
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm

limited to 50 copies – no preorders
For purchasing please visit Düsterfest.

CRB017 – preorder ready

Coming 25.08.2017


Woeful Silence and Euphrasia, soloprojects by members of Forlet Sires and Rue des Cascades, team up for a split release.
After a long time of planning and adjusting, it will finally be released on August 25th, 2017, available as a very limited tape edition (50 pieces), as well as digital download. The artwork and layout was arranged by D. Brumana, man behind Woeful Silence. The front cover shows a beautiful old screen print of a mine in the Swiss alps.

Both projects continue their musical paths from earlier releases: while Woeful Silence clearly pursues a more traditional approach to the atmospheric kind of black metal, the songs of Euphrasia dig even deeper into nearby subgenres, such as Drone and Doom. Despite the differences in songwriting, the music of both projects often complements each other and results in a thoroughly coherent split EP.


Listen here: